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B&Co Smokeless BBQ Grill – White


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Smokeless BBQ Grill: What is it? Barbecues used to be smokier than an office in the ’70s. Until now. This clever invention still uses charcoal, but has a fan that eliminates around 85% of the smoke and even allows for variable cooking temperatures, meaning you don’t have to worry about charred or undercooked sausages anymore! About the product This BBQ is great for social cooking. Use it on your outdoor table so you can chat with your family and friends as you cook. The fan makes sure you won’t smoke them out, and you can even control the temperature. This barbecue still uses charcoal, so you get all of the flavour. But, the fan means that it’s ready for cooking in around 5 minutes. Plus, with all the parts aside from the electronics being dishwasher friendly, it’s super easy to clean. How is it powered? It’s powered by 4 x AA batteries, which aren’t included. Why you should buy it Unless you’re a magician wanting to make a dramatic exit, you’ve got no use for smoke. This portable BBQ is easy to take wherever you go and means you don’t have to hide in a corner somewhere to keep from smoking out your guests. Order this Smokeless BBQ Grill now!

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