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Beetlejuice PowerSquad Powerbank


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While being dead can be fun, having a dead battery is no good. So, if you want to be the ghost with the most charge, you need this Beetlejuice PowerSquad Power Bank! With this excellent power bank, you not only get 2500mAh of power to keep all of your devices nice and electrified, but you also get it in the classic minimalist design that PowerSquad is known for. Keep it in your bag when on the go, but put it on the shelf when you’re back at home! We think that this makes an excellent gift for someone who really loves that vintage Tim Burton aesthetic… Keep it with your Nightmare Before Christmas and your Frankenweenie memorabilia. We also guarantee that this power bank does NOT contain any ghosts of any kind whatsoever. It’s alive with power! So order your Beetlejuice PowerSquad power bank today and keep charged!