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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure(TM): Where Are We, Dudes?: Seek & Find Through Time


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Times flies when you’re having fun! Travel along with Bill and Ted as they journey through time to save their history grade…before they’re history. Search for the iconic duo and their guide, Rufus, in fully-illustrated scenes from the fan-favorite film, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Can you find Bill and Ted philosophizing with Socrates in Ancient Greece? Looking for Napoleon at the Waterloo Water Park? Searching for love in medieval England? Wreaking havoc at the San Dimas Mall? After you locate Bill and Ted in each scene, party on with a bonus puzzle! Rufus is also located in each image holding a letter of the alphabet. Find all the letters, then unscramble them to reveal a very special message from Bill and Ted themselves. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure characters and images (TM) & (c) 1989, 2020 Creative Licensing Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey characters and images (TM) & (c) 1991, 2020 Creative Licensing Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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