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Crash Bandicoot TNT Desk Light with Sound


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Because you’re a Crash Bandicoot fan, you don’t want a casual glow in your room. You want to light it up like a TNT factory with a lazy fire safety official. And, we have the perfect product for that: this Crash Bandicoot TNT light! Shaped just like the TNT crates from the game, this officially licensed Crash Bandicoot light will blow you away. Why? Well, aside from lighting up with a gentle push on its top, it makes the game’s official explosion sound when you turn it on! Don’t worry about this crate being more explosive than an opinionated comment on a YouTube video. It isn’t powered by actual TNT. In fact, all you need to light this bad boy up are 2 AAA batteries, which are not included. So, if you want a Crash Bandicoot themed item that’ll light up the darkness… and your life… order this Crash Bandicoot TNT Light today! *This product is made of Breakdown Plastic, or BDP™, which is naturally decomposing plastic. This type of plastic is completely new to the global gift trade, helping to lower the effects of landfill in the future. This won’t affect the durability of your product but will make it easier to biodegrade if it is thrown away.

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