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Customisable BBQ Branding Iron


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Do you think making your mark is difficult? Na, it’s a piece of steak… at least, it is if you use this brilliant BBQ branding iron! Made in the style of the classic cowboy steak stamp, this BBQ branding iron lets you burn a personalised message right onto your barbecue meat! It comes with 55 letters which you can insert into 2 rows of 9 letters each, letting you take ownership of your favourite fillet and making sure everyone else keeps their forks away from it! All you need to do to own your T-bone is insert your message (remembering to spell it backwards), insert the steadying clips, get the iron nice and hot, and stamp away! It’s so much fun that you’ll want to fill your steak with more messages than a socialite’s phone! Since you only want to brand your barbecue meat and not your fingers, remember to let the iron and letters cool before cleaning them. And, since they’re not intended for the dishwasher, do it the cowboy way with a bit of elbow grease. When did ‘branding’ become about putting logos on companies? It’s time to take back the name (and take your steak) with this red-hot BBQ branding iron!

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