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James May Toy Stories – Action Man At The Speed Of Sound

£9.99 £5.99

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James attempts to rehabilitate one of Britain s most derided toys by seeing if Action Man can do what no toy has ever managed travel faster than the speed of sound. For decades, Action Man has been a disappointment. He promised so much with his eagle eyes, gripping hands and natty outfits. But what has he achieved? Nothing…yet. He must redeem his shattered reputation. Breaking the sound barrier and returning him safely to Earth will test James and the team to the limit. James battles high speed physics, unforeseen explosions and catastrophic design setbacks before settling on an experimental supersonic vehicle, which threatens to send Action Man into oblivion. He must succeed and survive intact, and go faster and higher than a rival supersonic attempt led by his arch nemesis, Sindy. Will Action Man redeem himself? Or will he lose out to a doll?