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Jurassic Park Official Limited Edition Collector?s Replica Set – Zavvi Exclusive by DUST!


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Zavvi – The Home of Pop Culture Take home a souvenir from Isla Nublar with this officially licensed Jurassic Park Replica Set, including a 3D Velociraptor Claw, 3D T-Rex Tooth, and a distressed Jurassic Park map. Limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide, this product is available exclusively on Zavvi. For fans and collectors, this is a great way to celebrate the classic film franchise. Display your Jurassic Park replicas proudly in your home, and turn any room into a museum of palaeontology. Welcome to Jurassic Park It has been many decades since the first Jurassic Park film made its theatrical debut in 1993. However, the sense of wonder that comes with revisiting this timeless classic has yet to diminish. And why is that? Dinosaurs, of course. As any palaeontologist will attest, dinosaurs have been extinct for a very long time. Nevertheless, the Jurassic Park films gave us the opportunity to witness these marvellous (and terrifying) creatures in a way that fossils just can’t compete with – tooth, claw, and all. Thanks to advancements in animatronics and sound design, the famous T-Rex, Velociraptors, and other prehistoric wonders jumped off the screen and took on new life. If you find yourself embarking on another cinematic trip to Isla Nublar, this replica set has a handy map to help you navigate the carnivorous terrain. Keep your head on a swivel, and look out for the ominous rippling of the water – because as we all know, that means the T-Rex isn’t far behind. Product Features: Jurassic Park Replica Set – 3D Velociraptor Claw, 3D T-Rex Tooth, and a distressed Jurassic Park Map Inspired by the Jurassic Park film franchise Exclusive to Zavvi Limited edition – only 1,000 pieces worldwide Officially licensed Perfect for display Packaged inside a collector’s box