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Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

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Assisted by a Fellowship of heroes, Frodo Baggins plunges into a perilous trek to take the mystical One Ring to Mount Doom so that it and its magical powers can be destroyed and never possessed by evil Lord Sauron. The astonishing journey begins in the first film of director/co-writer Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy that redefined fantasy filmmaking. This imaginative foray into J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth won 4 Academy Awards and earned 13 total nominations, including Best Picture. Special Features: Welcome to Middle-Earth: Houghton Mifflin In-Store Special Quest for the Ring: Fox TV Special A Passage to Middle-Earth: Sci-Fi Channel Special Finding Hobbiton Hobbiton Comes Alive Believing the World of Bree Ringwraiths: The Fallen Kings Rivendell: The Elven Refuge Languages of Middle-Earth Two Wizards Music of Middle-Earth Elijah Wood Viggo Mortensen Orlando Bloom Cate Blanchett Liv Tyler Ian McKellen Weathertop: The Windy Hill TV Spots Enya May It Be Music Video Special Extended DVD Edition Preview Behind the Scenes Preview of The Two Towers