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Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Vol 2 – Extinction (Episodes 11-20)

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Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge Part 2 contains episodes 11-20 from the season. The Power Rangers must battle an evil intergalactic villain in this action-filled franchise that remains one of the top-rated and longest-running children’s live-action series in TV history. The Dino Charge Rangers disband after defeating Sledge, but their job isn’t done. One of Sledge’s most dangerous criminals, Heckyl, and his alter ego Snide, are determined to pick up where Sledge left off and harness the power of the Energems to rule the universe. With new weapons, new allies, new zords (mechanical devices piloted by the Rangers), and the new T-Rex Super Charge mode, the Rangers are ready to settle the score against one of their most dangerous enemies. Episodes include Love at First Fight, Catching Some Rays, Recipe for Disaster, Silver Secret, Wings of Danger, Freaky Fightday, Worgworld, The Rangers Rock, Edge of Extinction and End of Extinction.