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Power Rangers Dinozords Bluprint Hoodie – Navy – S – Navy


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The Dinozords were five battle-ready mecha created by Ninjor. The Dinozords would be used by the Power Rangers when their enemies attacks became too much. Tyrannosaurus – The Red Ranger’s Zord. A full-fledged mecha. Forms the torso and head of the Megazord. Once fought the Dragonzord on its own, but was placed under Zedd’s control on one occasion. Capable of breathing fire and firing lasers from its eyes. Mastodon – The Black Ranger’s Zord. As expected from a mammoth themed machine, it is capable of firing icy blasts. Forms the arms of the Megazord, while its head may be used as a shield. Can also combine with Dragonzord for Battle mode. Pterodactyl – The Pink Ranger’s Zord. Fires electrical blasts in flight and forms chest armour for the Megazord. Sabre-Toothed Tiger – The Yellow Ranger’s Zord, armed with a large cannon on its back. Forms the right leg of the Megazord. Triceratops – The Blue Ranger’s Zord. Tank-like and armed with a pair of small guns on its back. Forms the Megazord’s left leg. Hoodies are made from pre-shrunk 70% Cotton / 20% Polyester mix. If you prefer a baggy fit, please order a size up.