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The Grinch Face Men’s Christmas T-Shirt – Grey – XS – Grey


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Look at those beady little eyes. We’re pretty certain he is plotting something. Who’s to say what it is? I guess we will probably find out at Christmas. Be sure to keep your own beady eyes open for this foiler of fun, this hindrance to happiness. Let everyone know to keep an eye out for him! The Grinch has been a staple of Christmas Tales for years – the classic story of the miserable Grinch who wants nothing more than to stop those ghastly Christmas celebrations! With the latest feature film instalment, he arrives in true grumpy fashion, so let everyone know to beware of the Grinch! All T-shirts are made from pre-shrunk 100% Cotton (excl. Grey at 90% Cotton / 10% Polyester) for excellent comfort. If you prefer a baggier fit, please order one size larger.