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Toy Story Characters Weighted Blanket


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Weighted blankets are designed to reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality and aid relaxation. They have a special weighty filling that stimulates deep touch pressure across the body, creating the sensation of a comforting hug. This calming effect restores a sense of stillness and restlessness, making it ideal for both day and night and especially right before bedtime. This weighted blanket from Rest Easy Sleep Better is printed with the characters from Disney’s Frozen 2.Spot clean & dry clean only. • ENDORSED BY SLEEP CLINIC MILLPOND: Rest Easy Sleep Better has partnered with Millpond Sleep Clinic to support you in your sleep needs. Millpond have been helping children & adults sleep better for over 20 years.• PREMIUM WEIGHTED BLANKET: The Rest Easy weighted blanket offers a great all-natural sleep help for adults and kids, by offering the gentle sensation of being hugged, triggering a sense of relaxation and calm, which can help you fall asleep and have more restful and better sleep quality. Great for sleep disorders, restless leg syndrome and anxiety issues.• CHOOSING THE RIGHT WEIGHT FOR YOUR CHILD: Choose a blanket that is 7%-12% of your child’s body weight to help them relax fall asleep faster. The 2kg blanket is ideal for children who weigh between 16-25kg & the 3kg blanket is ideal for children who weigh between 25 – 40kg.• BREATHABLE COOL SOFT MICROPLUSH: The outer layer is made of a super soft plush for extra comfort, which brings you breathable warmth, while the filler of hypo-allergenic, non-toxic micro glass beads bring you the deep pressure stimulation. We have added an extra layer padded layer for extra comfort.• PERFECTLY EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: Our durable individually stitched pockets ensure even distribution of beads which creates a consistent pressure.2Kg blanket 90x120cm. 3Kg blanket 110x170cm. Front 100% cotton.Reverse 100% micro plush.