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Troll Hunter

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TrollHunter is a dark fantasy film, written and directed by Andre Ovredal, based around the form of a ‘found footage’ documentary. A group of Norwegian film students set out to discover a sequence of bear killings in the most isolated region of Norway, and put themselves in danger by venturing into the wild, desolate highlands. During their investigations the group encounter a mysterious hunter named Hans, who agrees to let them travel with him and film his every action. As they follow him through the Western parts of the country, they discover the fact he is a legendary Troll Hunter working for a secret government agency called the Troll Security Service (TSS). As they collect their information, the students confront several deadly trolls; which can detect the smell of Christians’ blood, who have escaped from their territory. Luckily with Hans on the case, and demonstrating how modern technology can be applied, they witness him attempt to eliminate and take out the ancient beast. Aware that the Trolls are sensitive to sun light, Hans utilises this knowledge and equips himself with UAV lights. Using continuous first person video capture that puts you inside the eyes of the students, witness as they battle the ferocious creatures of myth and ultimately aim to stay alive! -T.P Special Features: Trailer Deleted Scenes Improvs and Bloopers Extended Scenes Visual Effects Behind The Scenes Photo Galleries